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PE Mysis® is 100% Mysis diluviana (formerly M. relicta) which is one of the two type of freshwater Mysidae. All other species of Mysis are either saltwater or estuarine species.

PE Mysis® are part of the zooplankton, the small invertebrate animals found in lakes that feed on microscopic algae (phytoplankton) as well as other zooplankton. In turn these organisms form the basis of the food supply for many fish.

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CRUDE PROTEIN   65.5% min
CRUDE FAT              8.35% min
CRUDE FIBER         2.75% max
ASH                             5.5% max

THE CURATOR'S CHOICE - Used by over 90% of public aquarium in North America.

FRESHWATER MYSIS (Mysis relicta) - This eliminates the possibility of parasite or disease transfer to marine fish.

SODIUM FREE - As fish don't need to eliminate excess salt, it's easier on their systems. Most other brands offer a coastal, or marine cousin of Mysis relicta.

ALIVE ON HARVEST - Immediately flash frozen in premium condition. That's why PE Mysis® is clean and intact.

HIGH FATTY ACID PROFILES - (EPA and DHA) are related to the food chain found in deep cold waters, where PE Mysis® is harvested.

OMEGA 3'S - Greater values of Omega 3 can be found in PE Mysis® than krill and enriched brine shrimp.

NO BINDING AGENTS, fillers or water added to packaging.

NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE - PE Mysis® does not require the addition of vitamin or color enhancement products.

Feeding Directions

PE Mysis can be fed to fish in frozen chunks or poured into your aquarium after thawing. If clouding is a concern, rinse PE Mysis under cold running water or thaw in water and then pour off water prior to feeding. Please remember to not to over feed. Only feed as much shrimp as your fish will eat in 2 or 3 minutes. Remove any uneaten food.