Adding new fish and invertebrates are always an exciting experience and one that all of us at Northern Reef Aquatics want to be an easy one! Below is a guide on how to properly acclimate your new addition that has had minimal transport time up to an hour and a half. We Recommend to drip acclimate for at least 30 minutes - 2 hours as it is the best proven method.

1. Make sure the lights in the room are dim if possible, to help ease the stress of the fish.

2. Empty the bag into a clean 3 to 5 gallon bucket, add a small heater that maintains temperature at around 77 - 78°F.
    *Make sure that fish and invertebrates are acclimatized in separate buckets.
    a. Be careful to not expose sensitive invertebrates to the air.
    b. Depending on the amount of water in the shipping bag, it may be necessary to slightly tilt the bucket in order for there to be sufficient water to swim until enough water has been added. A shim under one side of the bucket will provide a solution for this. *If possible, do not place bucket on floor as this can negatively affect water temperature.

3. Set up a siphon drip by using airline tubing with a control valve from the aquarium to each bucket.
    a. Separate siphon drips will be necessary for each bucket
    b. Make sure each siphon drip is secured to the tank and bucket to avoid the line from coming out of the tank or bucket.
    c. To create water flow, suck on the bucket end of the tubing while the aquarium end of the tubing is completely submerged into the aquarium water.

d.Regulate the flow of water to 3 - 4 drops of water per second.

4. Every 15 - 30 minutes, remove and discard 1/2 the amount of water in the acclimation bucket using either a cup or baster. Acclimation time can differ depending on water parameters and should be longer for sensitive inverts (starfish, shrimp). If your bag water salinity is 1.019 and your tank is at 1.025 you will need to acclimate for a longer period to match the parameters slowly. If the bag water is 1.025 and your tank water is 1.025 you can drip acclimate in as little as 30 minutes. Make sure you maintain the proper water temperature during acclimation and you are able to test the salinity value.

5. After acclimation time has passed and you bucket water parameters match your tank water, your new addition can be transferred into the aquarium gently. *Make sure that no shipping bag water is added to the tank.


(We use Ecotech Radion Pros and AI Hydra HD Led lights)

  • Bag float for 15 to 25 minutes to adjust temperature

  • A coral Dip is recommended for best practices *Please make sure you read the directions carefully for recommended time-frame and dosing.

  • Rinse your coral with saltwater from the tank.

  • Add your new coral to your tank keeping in mind it’s lighting and flow requirements.

    *For sensitive corals

  •     Follow the acclimation drip process for Fish & Invertebrates

  •     Alter your lights intensity and or schedule to allow corals to adjust, slowly increase levels back to normal within a week or two.