avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

established in 2012

After years of participating in the saltwater aquarium hobby, it became apparent that the industry required a company that could provide premium products, service and knowledge.

Northern Reef Aquatics has imported many livestock shipments from all points of the globe. After some sincere reflection and focusing on the future of Northern Reef Aquatics, we realized no matter how perfect the acclimation and quarantine process was - wild caught marine life are better left in their natural home, the ocean.

Our decision was made.

Northern Reef Aquatics no longer supports the capture and sale of wild caught marine life.

Education is paramount and our mission is to help our clients create a more sustainable saltwater aquarium that is more enjoyable and will last for many years to come.

With the correct conditions corals will thrive within the home aquarium and small fragments of aqua-cultured corals will grow into spectacular pieces of art. By purchasing aqua-cultured corals there is little to no impact on the already fragile coral reefs around the world.

Each one of our aqua-cultured corals have come from personally selected suppliers with a parallel vision of sustainability within the aquarium industry.

Northern Reef Aquatics focuses on sustainability by providing our clients with premium corals which have been grown out in our facility in the optimal conditions. These aqua-cultured coral frags can now be spread all around the world and be enjoyed by everyone in the hobby.

Please do your part and support the aqua-cultured industry today, think Sustainability. - Northern Reef Aquatics